About Jonathan Weiss

Real Estate Professional, New York | Connecticut | Florida

Jonathan Weiss was born in New York City, but raised in Greenwich, Connecticut from about nine years old. He grew up as a devoted and competitive athlete excelling in multiple sports, eventually narrowing and focusing his talents on baseball. He was intensely recruited by an array of Division I college baseball programs, initially playing for Boston College for his freshman year, transferring to Tulane for three years, and eventually finishing his studies at Cornell University. Though he majored in psychology, baseball remained a central passion for much of his life. Unfortunately, after suffering a major injury during a game that sidelined him for a season, this injury led to subsequent shoulder surgeries, effectively ending his baseball career.

After college and after this loss of his central passion, Jonathan began to explore new fields, pursuing work in several industries including finance, sports management, health & fitness and medicine. He was searching anew for a career in which he could wholly devote his drive, intellect and heart after the loss of baseball.

Eventually, Jonathan Weiss found that real estate merged his multiple interests and could allow for a fertile and exciting career. For the past five years his focus and determination has been in this space, working in multiple roles, at multiple levels and pursuing a graduate degree to broaden his expertise, experience and network.  After excelling in various roles at Red Sky Capital, he left in 2019 to complete a master’s program in Real Estate Finance & Investment, graduating from New York University. He is currently looking for real estate investment and consulting opportunities across the country.

The Process Of Becoming A Real Estate Investor And Always Staying Motivated

Real estate investing can take many forms and demands multiple domains of excellence to achieve success. Success can be defined in a myriad of ways, both from the financial gains achieved to the impact on individuals, communities and the environment. Real Estate also allows for creative and artistic expression, both in the built form, interior spaces and surrounding landscape. It is a way to make a real impact on the world. My aim is to create and facilitate the development of spaces that provide a dynamic, exciting and healthy environment for people to live and work in. Real estate is a tangible asset that you can see and touch, where you have the ability to revolutionize the landscape and curate destinations that provide real life experiences for people to enjoy and remember.

Jonathan Weiss Discusses the Importance of Global Education

Although the COVID-19 pandemic alienated people gravely with social distancing, quarantine, and the general closure of most business establishments, in many ways, it also united the human race.

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